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Best Rain Gutter & Gutter Installation 

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In addition to Los Gatos Roofing being an award-winning roofing company, we also install gutters. Our gutters are high quality and are professionally installed by our expert team. Los Gatos Roofing is one of the few companies in the greater San Jose area that offers custom seamless gutters that are fabricated on location anywhere in the Bay Area. These gutters can be custom fit to the exact size of your roof. Los Gatos Roofing never uses subcontractors to fabricate or install our gutters. Our quality control is excellent, and you get the best price because there is never a third party up charge. 

Why Choose Los Gatos Roofing for gutter replacement in the Bay Area?


Over 5 Decades of experience

Customer Satisfaction

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Equipped for the job

We make our own gutters, no job is too big. We can make gutters for any size project with our custom fabrication by our experienced team.

Los Gatos Roofing is award-winning and has over 5 decades of experience installing roofs and gutters in Santa Clara County and the Bay Area. We are certified, licensed, insured, and provide top quality service.

When people think replacement of a roof, they rarely think of the gutters. Gutters are extremely important. Poor quality materials or improper installation can prevent them from working correctly can cause damage to your roof, walls and even foundation. For information about roofing products, visit the Los Gatos Roofing website.

Gutter Styles

Photo of K-Style Gutter

5 & 6 K-Style (OG)

  • Pre-Painted Alum
  • Pre-Painted 26 Ga Steel
Photo of K-Style Diagram
Photo of Curved Facia Gutter

5 Curved Facia

  • Pre-Painted Alum
Photo of Curved Facia Diagram
Photo of 5 Facia Double Beed Gutter

5 Facia Double Beed

  • Pre-Painted Alum
  • Pre-Painted 26 Ga Steel
Photo of 5 Facia Double Beed Diagram
Photo of 7 Facia Double Beed

7 Facia Double Beed

  • Pre-Painted 26 Ga Steel
Photo of 7 Facia Double Beed Diagram


30 Deg. White - WH

50 Deg. White - 50

80 Deg. White - 80

Cameo - CA

Almond - AL

Wheat - WT

Sandtone - ST

Wicker - WI

Norwegian Wood - NW

Pebblestone Clay - PC

Musket Brown - MB

Royal Brown - RB

Beaver Brown - BB

Black - BK


- EG

Spanish Green - SP

Marine Green - MR


- RW

Charcoal Grey - CG

Harbor Grey

- HG

Tahoe Blue

- TA

Country Blue - CU

Photo of a sheet metal gutter guard

Gutter Guards

Gutters are an important part of keeping water from damaging your home, but they are only effective if they can properly drain. Rain Gutters often get clogged with leaves, pine needles and other debris. Gutter guards are a better option instead of getting on a ladder and cleaning your gutters twice a year. Gutter guards or leaf screens are protective covers that prevent debris from gathering in your gutters, clogging the down spouts, and preventing water flow. 

Photo of a grated gutter guard

Gutter Repair

Sometimes gutter systems and downspouts don't need to be replaced. They just need maintenance, replacement parts or repairs. Even if Los Gatos Roofing did not install your roof or gutter system, we can fix any situation you might have. With our 5 decades of experience, we can repair or replace just about any problem you have.

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Los Gatos Roofing provides the community with superior service and earns the title of "Excellence in Roofing". We continually serve the local community with numerous donations and community involvement. 

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